About My Review Coach

MyReviewCoach.com is the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) online review program of MindGym Philippines.

It was born out of the many requests made to MindGym by LET reviewees who are:

  • Geographically distant from Manila
  • Working or studying and cannot attend face-to-face review due to time limitations
  • Have meager means for paying live review tuition fees
  • Want to supplement their self-review from printed reviewers
  • Want to enrich their review after attending other review centers

Just as in coaching for games or sports, MyReviewCoach believes that a LET prospect deciding to take online LET review already has with him/her some basic knowledge and skills in the LET competencies to be tested and is aware of the areas he/she needs to improve on and highlight. But, he/she needs a coach to be with him/her to enable efficient review, maximum learning, and top LET performance.

MyReviewCoach is not a conventional review course online.

As a result, MyReviewCoach goes beyond giving out electronic review readings. Materials selected for the online LET review consist mainly of:

  • LET subject backbones and summaries – to trigger recall
  • Organized notes – to provide a review structure
  • Interactive drills – to ensure performance feedback and remedial action

For the duration of the course, an online LET reviewee will experience three LET-type practice drill sets under time pressure. Links will also be provided to encourage detailed review.

MyReviewCoach Team
MyReviewCoach hopes to provide LET prospects with its own way of “online intimacy” parallel to the familial and friendly relationship that MindGym Philippines has had which empowered many LET reviewees and 86 LET topnotchers since September 2009 — through open communication and networking online.

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