Frequently Asked Questions

How can My Review Coach increase my chances of passing the LET?

MyReviewCoach LET review is a product of MindGym Philippines which has had a commendable LET passing rate varying from 87% to 92% for first timers and a surprisingly high number of LET topnotchers produced in its short span of operations – so, one can expect the same caliber of coaching and care.

Using our materials and drills is not enough though. Online reviewing will require a greater responsibility from you: a higher level of self-discipline and self-motivation to review on a flexible schedule and space review at a comfortable pace; utmost persistence in finishing the online drills and practice sets; and the initiative to communicate with MyReviewCoach regarding subject areas or topics which are challenging to handle by oneself.

Who would benefit from MyReviewCoach?

In general, those who live, work, or study in places where reviewing physically in a top performing LET review center is not possible and those financially constrained to pay for regular LET review. MyReviewCoach would be helpful to LET prospects currently employed and working on Saturdays and Sundays and therefore cannot attend regular face to face review classes; overseas workers who want to go back to the Philippines to take the LET either to get a promotion at work or to stay for good and become teachers.

Those who have rigid time constraints would also benefit since their review can be done in short segments to squeeze in reviewing around their other responsibilities and accessible from home, office, or internet cafes with broadband internet connections.

What are the computer requirements for your online review?

A basic computer with MS Office and Windows installed and broadband internet connection (cable or DSL). While a dial up connection using a prepaid card may be an option, it may not be as efficient as a high speed internet.

I am not too proficient with computers. Isn’t it difficult to review online?

Not at all. We will provide learners with the needed orientation so they can quickly learn their way around and not let technology get in the way of reviewing.

Won’t I be missing the give and take of a face-to-face review setting?

No. MyReviewCoach will provide reviewees with an interactive learning experience through online chat room and discussions boards and contact with an assigned subject coach through email and Facebook.

Additional opportunities to connect with reviewees and coaches occur at the final coaching sessions, two weeks prior to the LET, if reviewees opt to upgrade their subscriptions.

Do review classes have specific start and end dates?

Yes, each MyReviewCoach LET review subscription has a designated start and end date. Access to MyReviewCoach is good for 6 months, starting on the day after the current LET and ending on the LET day. Access is terminated the day after you take the LET.

When can I enroll with MyReviewCoach?

You may enroll anytime. The earlier you enroll, then the longer you can study the materials and do the drills. You may enroll using the online registration form, after which you pay for your online review and provide MindGym with a proof of payment. A username and password will be issued to you 24 hours after confirmation of payment. With your log in details, you may now start using your online MyReviewCoach LET review.

How can I join your program?

Please fill up the Registration Form here.

How do I pay?

After registering online, you may pay through direct deposit at Banco de Oro, transfer money using your Globe GCash account, remit through LBC or over the counter money transfer at Cebuana Lhuillier. We will email you the details when you register.

Can I share my online review materials with others?

No. Our operating system has a way of detecting if you are irresponsibly using or sharing your access to My Review Coach and may terminate your registration accordingly.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages?

Please check them out here and here respectively.