Aileen Dacasin, Elementary’s Top 1 for March 2013 LET

A testimonial by Aileen Dacasin and her experience using our online LET Review course:

Aileen Dacasin, LET March 2013 Top 1 for Elementary

Aileen Dacasin, LET March 2013 Top 1 for Elementary

I placed an order for the Warm-Ups Book firstly, and having been convinced by the many positive testimonials about MindGym, I gave the online course a try. Having a very tight schedule because of several responsibilities, I knew that the online course would best fit my lifestyle. Thanks to my friend, Conchi, I got to know about it.

(By the way, the dedication page of the book I ordered even had a note from Mo/am Alice, which for me, was telling of how devoted and sincere the coaches were in helping the reviewees ace the exam.)

The online course was indeed helpful for me…

    • With a given topic outline, I did not have to worry much about how to allocate the little time I had. A schedule was readily available, and I just had to give it a little tweaking whenever the surprises of life knocked on my door.
    • With its visual interface that showed me what I needed to study and the exercises that I still needed to answer, I found it easy to check if I was still on track or if I had to speed up. The course design showed a clear path of its objectives, materials, and activities.
    • I easily found out my quiz results (many quizzes were timed), and I could go back to my mistakes and review the items. Definitely a time-saver!
    • I got e-mail notifications which guided me on what to do next and which bombarded me with tips and positive affirmations for success.
    • I got a support system, which seemed very “warm” and “accommodating” despite the course being online or “virtual.” Our dear coaches went out of their way to reach their online reviewees and to make opportunities for a more personal encounter through online conferencing so that difficult topics may be clarified.
    • The course design gave me the chance to know and interact with the other reviewees; thus, it made me feel that I was not alone, that I was prayed for, and also, that I had a lot of people to pray for. It’s just that I wasn’t active in posting questions or in posting even just a “hi” on the discussion boards; nevertheless, I know that seizing such chance could have helped me more.

On my part, I always had to remind myself that reviewing online demanded me to be more self-propelled. Thanks to the review maps and schedule provided, I was able to construct learning opportunities for myself (even if those opportunities had to be in unlikely places like the shuttle or the streets) and combine them with what was offered to me by MindGym.

Also, since I was not able to squeeze reviewing a number of lessons into my schedule, I attended the three-day Power Coaching a week before the LET for added confidence. I must say, the sessions emptied me of the laxity that people doing self-study find tempting to succumb to.

Reviewing for the LET amidst all the hustles and bustles of life may prove a test of discipline, commitment, rectitude of intention, and surely, stamina. In my case, it helped to have MindGym psych me up to have a sportive spirit—that is, it conditioned me to give my all, expect the worst, and hope for the best. I believe I share this sentiment with my fellow reviewees in MindGym.


Now that I have seen the exam results, I see myself even more thanking the Lord, MindGym, my family, and friends. Let us congratulate ourselves; let us congratulate each one of us regardless of how high or low the score we had might be. Regardless of whether we passed the exam or not, let’s just keep doing our best and learn from everything.

Indeed, passing the LET is not the end. Getting one’s teaching license is a key that unlocks new opportunities to serve God and others. With this, let us always keep the attitude of success, of which much is about saying “yes” to what is of real value and saying “no” to what is merely fleeting…saying “yes” to the ‘highest’ good we are born for, and “no” to anything less than that. Now, the questions “What is of value?” and “What are we born for?” are up to each one of us to answer. It might be enough at this moment to think that when there are moments when we seem to give up, we can choose to smile, get up, and remember that there might be truth to the saying “Whatever is of value costs a lot.” No matter what, there is no other way but forward.

FOUR Topnotchers and 14 other successful passers in the March 2013 LET


Congratulations for the successes of our MyReviewCoach online LET reviewees in the March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers!

All Passers! Including Top 1, Aileen Dacasin (third reviewee from the left). With Aleli (admin) and Coach Alice, at MindGym's March 2013 Power Coaching refresher course

All Passers! Including Top 1, Miss Aileen Dacasin (third reviewee from the left). Congratulations Jean, Nadine, Aileen, Ding, Irma, Abigail, and Kath! With admin Aleli and Coach Alice at MindGym’s March 2013 Power Coaching refresher course



  • Aileen Ventinilla Dacasin – TOP 1, 3050, Elementary. University of the Philippines Diliman, 89.80
  • Karisse Anne Grasparil Legaspi – TOP 8, 5591, Elementary. University of the Philippines Diliman, 89.80


  • Alex Bernadas Brigoli – TOP 3, 2843, Secondary. West Visayas State University, 91.60
  • Kristine Joy Castillo Paas – Top 4 – 10844, Secondary. University of the Philippines Diliman, 91.40


  • Iredell Manglit Bueno – 2937, Secondary
  • Rosell Marasigan Dimaano – 5302, Secondary
  • Kathleen Ann Deladia Ebuenga – 5626, Secondary
  • Nadine Elaine Acedera Enerio – 5751, Secondary
  • Faye Marie Espinosa – 5928, Secondary
  • Abigail Christine Rullan Estoesta – 5998, Secondary
  • Hermilinda Hidalgo Goles – 4703, Elementary
  • Juvelyn Oliveros – 10643, Secondary
  • Jean Imperial Ong – 10681, Secondary
  • Irma Mendoza Penalba – 11522, Secondary
  • Jonathan Jose Amorillo Perez – 11460, Secondary
  • Laurie Fe Bernal Sabijon – 12689, Secondary
  • Glaiza Blunch Aventajado Tumanda – 14472, Secondary
  • Jericho Valendo Veloso – 14738, Secondary

Reviewing online is not for everyone. You’ve proven that you have what it takes to be a successful online reviewee:

  • a high level of self-motivation and self-discipline
  • the commitment and discipline to find time even when there seems very little left in a day to review
  • a critical and analytical mind to make sense of data given
  • good communication skills which removes visual barriers between you and us

Soon you will take your oath as a professional teacher. Don’t think that learning and reviewing ends with the LET. It will continue until you get your first job as a teacher, get promoted as teacher, or find creative ways to teach outside the traditional school set-up. This was Albert, Mel, and my shared experience. Until now, we persist in changing, updating, and modifying our review materials, our techniques, and our strategies in LET coaching. We have practiced and embraced lifelong learning and we are enjoying it.

Now, that you passed LET, I have a new challenge for you, one without any deadlines nor assignments…

Be the best you can, teacher!